(Reg. No. 651/92) (Tel : 0471-2558811)




1. Name and address of the Club :                            Sree Narayana Club,
                                                                                    TC-13/2117-1, Guru Vihar,
                                                                                    Medical College Post,
                                                                                    Thiruvananthapuram – 695 011.

2. Area of operation : Thiruvananthapuram District. Those who are already members and residing in other Districts may continue as members

3. Definitions :

a) Guru : Sree Narayana Guru

b) Club : Shall mean the Sree Narayana Club, Thiruvananthapuram

c) Official Year : 12 months from 1st April to 31st March of next year.

d) Member : (i) Person who has remitted the prescribed fee and belonging to any category of 
                        ii) Life Member – Membership ceases with the demise of the person. It is not transferable.
                        iii) Hereditary Member – Membership could be inherited perpetually by family members. It could be transferred to a family member, on written request, during the life time of the member.

e) Family : Wife/husband, father/mother, son/daughter, son-in-law/daughter-in-law and grand children.

4. Objectives : The main objectives of the Club are :-

i) Propagation of the philosophy of Sree Narayana Guru in letter and spirit.
ii) Fostering friendship among members and their families and helping to cultivate good habits and comradery among them.
iii) Encouraging thrift and savings among members, family members and their children.
iv)Arranging seminars and study classes on Guru’s philosophy, teachings and messages and also conducting discourses on subjects of          topical interest to disseminate knowledge and awareness on current affairs and to improve the quality of life.
v) Providing facility for library and reading room.
vi) Run educational institutions and employment oriented small scale industrial enterprises.
vii) Conduct courses to prepare children to appear for competitive examinations (Finishing School).
viii) Conduct classes for Information Technology and adopt measures to develop scientific, cultural and intellectual knowledge of members and their families and others in the society at large.
ix) Publication of books and booklets on social and philosophical aspects of Sree Narayana    Guru.
x) Organise Youth Club and Women’s Club for the family members so as to develop their talents in arts, music, literature, sports and all round capabilities.
xi) Conduct study tours and excursions to places in India and abroad.
xii) Take up social work among the poor and the needy and provide alms as well as food and cloths and free medical aid and arrange medical camps.
xiii) Run old age homes and implement projects for the welfare of the needy and physically challenged persons.
xiv) Purchase, take on lease or hire or otherwise acquire or construct any moveable or immoveable property necessary for the furtherance of the objectives of the Club and provide convenience to the members, their families and guests for recreation and temporary stay in the Club properties.
xv) Co-operate with other Sree Narayana Clubs in the State so as to build up a common   platform for the propagation of the ideals and philosophy of Sree Narayana Guru.
xvi) Any other lawful activities incidental or conducive to the promotion of the teachings of Sree Narayana Guru in particular and social activities and amenities in general.   

5. Members : Membership of the Club shall be open to persons above the age of 18 and believers of the teachings and philosophy of Sree Narayana Guru and who are not bankrupt or declared insolvent or of unsound mind or not convicted for an offence involving moral turpitude or felony and who has paid the specified fee and applied in the prescribed form duly recommended by an existing member. The Executive Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any application without assigning any reason.

6. Types of Membership and related matters :

i) Hereditary Member : Hereditary Member means a member whose nominee or legal heir has a right to succeed as Hereditary Member in the event of vacating his/her membership of the Club by death or disability or by wish. When a Hereditary Member has registered in the office of the Club in the prescribed form, nominating his/her successor, such a nominee shall be declared by the Executive Committee as a Hereditary Member in his/her place. If no such nomination is filed by a Hereditary Member, his/her vacancy shall be filled up by one of his/her legal heirs as agreed to by other heirs.
Every individual, who pays an admission fee of Rs. 50,000/- (Rupees fifty thousand) and above, shall be admitted as a Hereditary Member.

ii) Life Member : Any individual, who pays an admission fee of Rs. 40,000/- (Rupees forty thousand), shall be admitted as a Life Member.
Note : A Life member who remits towards membership fee an additional amount of Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees ten thousand) within one year or the difference in the normal fee thereafter would be eligible for a Hereditary membership.

iii) Institutional Member : Any Institution or Organisation with identical objectives may be admitted as Institutional Member on payment of an admission fee of Rs. 1,00,000/- (Rupees one lakh).

iv) Honorary Member : The General Body of the Club may confer Honorary Membership on any distinguished person, who has attained wide acclaim in the country or who has voluntarily rendered substantial contribution to the Club. The Executive Committee may recommend the names of such persons to the General Body, which shall admit them as Honorary Members by a majority of ¾th of the members present and voting. Such members shall enjoy all the facilities of the Club except voting rights.

v) Spouses and Children of members and their spouses, aged 18 years or above can become members of the Club by paying 50% of the then existing membership fee. This provision shall be applicable only to Hereditary Members and Life Members.

vi) The existing Life Members and Hereditary Members shall continue as Life Members and Hereditary Members respectively.

vii) The Executive Committee shall have the power to increase the membership fee whenever felt necessary subject to the approval of the General Body.

viii) The Executive Committee shall frame sub-rules prescribing the special privileges and prerogatives of different types of members mentioned under Clause 6(i) and the members existing in the roll on the eve of accepting these amendments.

7. Restriction to Membership :

(a) A member of another Sree Narayana Club shall not be admitted as a member of this Club. If an existing member of the Club becomes a member of any other Sree Narayana Club, he/she shall automatically forfeit his/her claims and cease to be a member of this Club.

(b) Any person belonging to Districts other than Thiruvananthapuram but temporarily staying or employed in Thiruvananthapuram City is eligible for admission as an Associate Member of the Club provided he is currently a member of any other Sree Narayana Club and produces necessary records to that effect. Such a member shall pay an admission fee of Rs 10,000/- (Rupees ten thousand only). An associate member can enjoy all the rights and privileges of a life member for a maximum period of three years, except the right to vote and the privileges mentioned under Rule 6(v).

8. Register of Members :

a) A register of members shall be maintained by the Secretary. On completion of admission of a member, the folio of the member in the register has to be filled up and the signature of the concerned member obtained therein. The member shall notify the Secretary any change of address or phone number.

b) When a membership ceases, the fact shall be recorded in the concerned folio under the signature of the Secretary.

c) Every member shall be given a membership card signed by the Secretary with the office seal of the Club affixed.


9. Number of Members : For the proper conduct of the Club and its activities, the total number of members, all types put together, shall not exceed 500 (five hundred) at any time.

10. Conduct of Members :

  1. The members, their spouses and children shall maintain absolute discipline in their words, deeds and behavior inside the Club premises, uphold the dignity of the Club and shall observe the provisions of the by-laws scrupulously and shall not do anything which may disturb the harmony and peaceful atmosphere of the Club.
  2. Every member shall be responsible for the proper conduct of his/her spouse and children and their guests, if any, inside the Club premises and shall face disciplinary action for the willful misconduct of his/her spouse, children and guests. 
  3. Action of any member who indulges in spreading defamatory statements and false allegations through word of mouth, print media and electronic means, considered by the Executive Committee as misconduct unbecoming of a member, shall be liable for disciplinary proceedings.

11. Administrative Authorities : The authority of the Club shall vest in a) General Body of members and b) Executive Committee.

a) General Body : The General Body is the ultimate administrative authority of the Club in all matters except those specifically delegated to the Executive Committee. They will arrange to supervise and control all activities of the Club. The powers, duties and functions of the General Body are :-
i) Election of Executive Committee and appointment of Sub Committees for specific purposes whenever found necessary. (See Appendix A for detailed Election Rules.)
ii) Examine and approve annual statements of receipts and payments, balance sheet and audit report.
iii) Consider and approve annual report presented by the Executive Committee.
iv) Examine and approve the development plan for the next financial year along with the budget and supplementary budget, if any.
v) Appoint statutory auditors and  two internal auditors from among the members.
vi) Borrowings by way of loans and overdrafts from Banks and other financial institutions and accepting grants from Central and State Governments.
vii) Acquire land and buildings or such other assets.
viii) Approve sub-rules for different branches of activities.
ix) Take final decision on disciplinary proceedings.
x) Elect delegates to other Institutions; and
xi) All other residual powers not specifically delegated to the Executive Committee.

  1. Executive Committee :

There shall be an Executive Committee of 15 members for the Club consisting of the      President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, two Joint Secretaries and nine members elected by the members of the Club. Out of the 15 members, two shall be women. However, under no circumstances, not more than one member of a family shall be elected / co-opted to the Executive Committee. If more than one candidate from a family contest and get elected, the person who secured the highest number of votes alone will be declared valid. The immediate past President and Secretary will be invitees in the new Executive Committee if they are not elected members of the same.

c) Powers, duties and functions of the Executive Committee : Subject to the general provisions and sub rules, the Executive Committee shall have the following powers, duties and functions :-
i) Admission of members and matters relating to membership.
ii) Day to day administration of the Club and supervision of its activities.
iii) Appointment of staff and taking disciplinary action against them.
iv) Raising funds and its control and management.
v) Borrow funds from members, other individuals or institutions including Banks. Whenever loans are availed from institutions, President, Secretary, Treasurer and two Executive Committee Members shall execute the documents on behalf of the Club with the approval of the General Body.
vi) Taking on lease and purchase of land or building for the use of the Club with the permission of the General Body. Purchase of immoveable properties shall be in the joint names of the President  and the Secretary. Disposal of immoveable properties shall be decided in a General Body, specifically showing the purpose in the agenda and decided by not less than 3/4th majority of members present and voting.
vii) Preparation and approval of monthly receipts and payments statements.
viii) Preparation of annual income and expenditure statement, balance sheet and annual report to be presented before the General Body.
ix) Conducting meetings and elections in due time.
x) Disciplinary action against members as per rules and procedures (See Appendix B).
xi) Appoint sub-committees whenever felt necessary and framing of sub rules thereof for proper conduct of the functions entrusted to it. The President and the Secretary shall be ex-officio members in all such sub committees. At least one other member of the Executive Committee shall be included in each sub-committee.
xii) Plan and execute all kinds of activities to achieve the objectives included in Clause 4; and
xiii) Do generally such acts as may be required to further the objectives of the Club and related matters.

12. Tenure, vacancies and other matters related to the Executive Committee
i) Any person could be invited to attend the Executive Committee meeting for expert opinion on any subject included in the agenda.
ii) If a member absents himself/herself without any valid reason or without submitting leave application for three meetings consecutively, he/she shall cease to be a member of the Executive Committee.
iii) Vacancies in the Executive Committee shall be filled up by co-opting any qualified member by the Executive Committee and the fact shall be placed before the next General Body for ratification.
iv) The meetings of the Executive Committee shall be held at least once in a month with five days notice and its quorum shall be eight.
v) The tenure of the Executive Committee shall be two years from the date of assuming office.
vi) The new Executive Committee shall assume office within 15 days of their election.
vii) If eight or more vacancies arise in the Executive Committee by resignation or otherwise, an ad-hoc committee shall be constituted by the remaining members of the Executive Committee and it shall take action to elect a new Executive Committee within three months.
viii) A member can serve in the Executive Committee as President / Secretary for not more than two consecutive terms.
ix) Members shall be eligible to stand as candidates for the post of President or Secretary or Treasurer only if they have served at least one term as member of the Executive Committee.

13. Office bearers of the Club : The Club shall have i) President, ii) Vice-President, iii) Secretary, iv)Treasurer and v) two Joint Secretaries as office bearers. They shall have the following powers and duties :-
i) President
The President shall have the responsibility for the overall supervision of the activities of the Club. He shall preside over all the meetings of the General Body and Executive Committee. He can also exercise such other powers and perform such other duties as may be expressly assigned to him by the General Body and the Executive Committee. The President shall have powers to issue directions to any of the office bearers in regard to the administration of the Club and in case of disobedience, he shall place the matter before the Executive Committee for necessary action. In extra-ordinary circumstances, the President shall arrange to convene meetings of the Executive Committee or the General Body.
ii) Vice-President
In the absence of the President or due to his inability to act, the Vice-President shall exercise all the powers and perform all the duties of the President. He may render necessary help to the President in the administration of the Club.
iii) Secretary
The Secretary shall be the chief executive and principal administrator of the Club subject to the control and directions of the Executive Committee and the President. Particular responsibilities of the Secretary shall include :-

  1. Maintenance of necessary records of the Club properly and up-to-date.
  2. Convening of General Body and Executive Committee meetings and maintenance of minutes and proceedings thereof.
  3. Implementation of decisions taken in the meetings of the General Body and the Executive Committee.
  4. Correspondence with other offices and authorities and submission of required returns and statements.
  5. Custodian of all the assets of the Club, its records and common seal.
  6. Exercise other powers and perform such other duties as are expressly assigned to him by the General Body, Executive Committee and the President.

iv) Treasurer
He shall be responsible for collection of all monies due to the Club. He shall conduct the schemes formulated to mobilize the savings of members and their family members and maintain the accounts separately. He shall keep the account books properly and prepare the receipts and payments statement and the balance sheet for audit and present the same before the Annual General Body. He shall also prepare the budget and shall, in general, be responsible for all financial transactions of the Club.
v) Joint Secretary I
He shall perform all the duties of the Secretary in his absence or during his inability to act, under orders from the Executive Committee or the President. He shall help the Secretary in all the activities of the Club. He shall receive money from the Treasurer not exceeding Rs. 5,000/- (Rupees five thousand) at a time for emergent purposes and keep a petty cash account of the transactions. He shall be the administrator for the web site and online communities of the Club. He will also be in charge of the activities related to Information Technology and training programmes.
vi) Joint Secretary II
He shall be in charge of  (a) the head quarters building and other buildings, if any, and its proper maintenance, (b) furniture and fixtures, (c) renting out rooms and hall and (d) the library. He shall also render necessary help to the Treasurer in the conduct of the small saving schemes and keeping its accounts.

14. Bank account and its operation
Cash balance in excess of Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees ten thousand) shall be deposited in an account opened in a scheduled bank or co-operative bank. It shall be operated by the Treasurer jointly with the President / the Secretary. The cheque books, record of transactions and locker keys, if any, will be kept under the safe custody of the Treasurer.

15. Remuneration or other benefits
a) The income and property of the Club shall be solely applied for the promotion of its objectives as set forth in Clause 4.
b) No remuneration or other benefits in cash or in kind shall be given by the Club to any of its members except payments of out of pocket expenses, reasonable interest on money lent and rent on premises, if any, leased out to the Club

16. Meetings :
i) The Annual General Body meeting shall be convened before 30th June of the year to discuss and approve the annual report, audited accounts of the previous year, budget for the current year and other matters.
ii) The quorum for the General Body meeting shall be 50 (fifty).
iii) Notice with agenda of the meeting shall be sent to members under certificate of posting before 15 (fifteen) days of the meeting. The annual report, audited accounts and budget shall be sent along with the notice for General Body meeting.
iv) All decisions in the General Body and the Executive Committee shall be taken by simple majority of the members present and voting, unless otherwise specified.
v) Special General Body meetings could also be held in the manner mentioned above but with 7 (seven) days notice.
vi) Monthly meetings of members and their family members may be held on a predetermined date so as to discuss the activities of the Club in general and to cultivate friendship and comradery and to encourage cultural and artistic talents of the family members.
vii) Amendment to the by-laws, if any, shall be made in the Annual General Body meeting or a Special General Body meeting, where the approval will be carried with not less than 3/4th majority of members present and voting.
viii) If any meeting of the Club is adjourned for want of quorum, no quorum is required if the next meeting is held at the same venue with the same agenda, provided the meeting is held within 15 (fifteen) days by issuing a fresh notice.
ix) If the President and the Vice-President are absent in any meeting, a member of the Executive Committee shall be elected to preside over that meeting.

17. Disciplinary Action :
a) Any member who willfully violates the regulations and rules of the Club or indulges in any misconduct so as to cause damage to the property or prestige of the Club or disturbs the harmony and peaceful atmosphere of the Club or uses abusive and filthy language in any means including electronic media or web or employs physical force against any other member or members or uses Club premises for immoral or illegal activities like gambling, use of drugs, consumption of liquor and indecent behaviour shall be liable for disciplinary proceedings.
b) The punishment that could be inflicted for a proven misbehaviour or misappropriation of Club funds or any commission or omission in discharge of duties could be i) censure, ii) suspension of membership for a period not exceeding six months, iii) recovery of amount lost to the Club with penal interest and iv) expulsion from membership.
c) The Executive Committee has to obtain the sanction of the General Body before inflicting punishment of expulsion of a member. (See Appendix B for detailed procedure.)
d) An expelled member is ineligible for readmission for a period of ten years.

18. Framing of sub-rules
The Executive Committee may frame sub-rules for the proper management of any section of activities of the Club whenever found necessary and shall present the same to the General Body for approval.

19. Termination of Membership :
    Membership in the Club shall cease
a) When a Life Member dies.
b) When the membership is transferred as provided in the bye-laws.
c) When a Member resigns and the resignation is accepted by the Executive Committee.
d) When a Member is removed by disciplinary action.     
e) When a Member is removed as per Clause No. 7 (a)
20. No confidence Motion etc :
a) The General Body shall have the power to remove any of the office bearers or others or the Executive Committee as a whole by a vote of non-confidence if 50 (fifty) or more members submit a resolution detailing valid reasons.
b) The Secretary shall place the matter before the Executive Committee within ten days of receipt of the resolution and it shall be presented before a special or annual general body meeting within 30 (thirty) days. The resolution will be carried if 3/4th of the members present and voting support it. When the Executive Committee is voted out, an Ad-hoc Committee shall be constituted by the General Body and this Ad-hoc Committee shall make arrangements for conducting formal election of the new Executive Committee within three months.
c) When not less than 50 (fifty) members request the Secretary in writing to convene a Special General Body meeting for considering some urgent specific issues of importance, the Executive Committee has to do so. If no meeting, as sought for, is convened within30 (thirty) days, one of the signatories, duly authorized, can convene the meeting of the General Body in the Club hall as the representative of the signatories and decisions taken in that meeting would be proper and valid as if the meeting is held as per Clause 16(v) of the byelaws.

21. Legal Proceedings
a) The Club can sue and be sued in the name of the Club. The Secretary and in his absence, the Joint Secretary I shall represent the Club in all legal proceedings.
b) Any dispute between the Club and its members or any other person or clients would be settled through the Civil Court situated at Thiruvananthapuram.

22. Winding up of the Club
The Club can be dissolved only by a resolution at a meeting of the Club attended by not less than 75% of the members in the roll and accepted by not less than 75% of the members present. Upon winding up, the properties then remaining after satisfaction of all claims and liabilities whatsoever shall be transferred to some other registered charitable trust or club or society lawfully constituted for carrying out similar objectives. In case no such organization exists in the State, the same shall be transferred to the Government of Kerala.

23. Date of effect
These amendments shall be considered as taken effect from the date of approval of the same by the General Body of the Club.


1) The election of office bearers and the members of the Executive Committee shall be held by secret ballot, one week prior to the Annual General Body meeting to be held during the month of June every alternate year. All members who have joined in the Club before 31st March of the election year shall be eligible to cast their votes in the election. Vote by proxy shall not be allowed.
2) The Executive Committee shall nominate one Returning Officer, and two Assistant Returning Officers from among the members of the Club for conducting the election. The above officers shall be nominated at least 40 days prior to the date fixed for the election. Their consent shall be obtained in writing before publishing their names.
3) The Returning Officer and Assistant Returning Officers shall not be members of the existing Executive Committee and they cannot contest in the ensuing election.
4) The Executive Committee shall prepare well in advance the list of voters of the Club. The Returning Officer shall publish the list in the Club Notice Board 30 (thirty) days before the date of election and invite objections, if any, within 5(five) days from the date of publication of the list. If no objection is received within the stipulated time, the list of voters shall be presumed to be correct. In case of any objection, the same shall be heard and orders passed and the final list of voters shall be published within 2(two) days from the date of hearing of objections.
5) The Returning Officer shall publish in the notice board of the Club Office the notification for election at least 20(twenty) days before the date of polling under his signature and seal of the Club together with the following details.

            i) Proforma of nomination form
            ii) Date and time of issue of nomination forms
            iii) Last date and time for receipt of nominations
            iv) Date and time for scrutiny of nominations
            v) Date for publication of list of approved candidates
            vi) Last date and time for withdrawal of nominations
            vii Date for publication of final list of valid nominations
            viii) Date and time of election  (not less than ten days from the date of publication of final list)
            ix) Date and time for counting of votes and declaration of results

6) Nominations shall be invited for the following vacancies of the Executive Committee.

Name of Post                                                                                       Number of vacancies
i)     President                                                                                                   One
ii)    Vice President                                                                                           One
iii)  Secretary                                                                                                    One
iv)  Treasurer                                                                                                    One
v)   Joint Secretary I                                                                                         One
vi)  Joint Secretary II                                                                                        One
vii) Executive Committee Members                                                                   Nine

Note : Out of the above 15 (fifteen) vacancies, two seats are reserved for women.
7) The nomination paper shall be in the prescribed form and separate nomination papers are required for each post.
8) No member can stand as candidate for more than one post of the Executive Committee.
9) The candidate should have joined the Club at least 2 (two) years before the date of election and should have attended at least 50% of the monthly meetings within the last 12 (twelve) months. Each candidate shall be proposed by one member and seconded by another member.
10) Members shall be eligible to stand as candidates for election to the posts of President or Secretary or Treasurer only if they have the required qualification prescribed and a minimum of 5 (five) years standing as member of the Club. In addition, they should also have served at least one term as member of the Executive Committee
11) In the case of scrutiny of nomination papers as well as in all cases of doubts or disputes in connection with the election, the decision of the Returning Officer shall be final.
12) If no nomination is received or the valid nominations received are less than the number of vacancies, such vacancies shall be filled up by nominations during the Annual General Body meeting.
13) If the number of nominations received are equal to or less than the number of vacancies notified, such candidates shall be declared as unanimously elected.
14) The election shall be conducted on a public holiday, voting time being between 09.00 am and 02.00 pm. The Secretary shall make all arrangements for the conduct of the election such as providing electoral rolls, ballot boxes, printing of ballot papers etc. in consultation with the Returning Officer.
15) The candidates could be present at the time of counting. If they so desire, each candidate can nominate another person to represent him at the time of voting and counting and the fact shall be informed in writing to the Returning Officer.
16) In the case of a tie, the Returning Officer shall break the tie by drawing of lots in the presence of the candidates or their representatives.
17) The Returning Officer shall, immediately after conducting the election, prepare a list of candidates contested together with the number of votes polled by each and the names of persons elected duly witnessed and the same shall be presented to the President of the Club in a sealed cover. The Returning Officer shall officially announce the result of the election in the ensuing General Body meeting of the Club.
18) The Returning Officer shall hand over all the records connected with the election to the Secretary, who in turn shall make necessary arrangements for the safe custody of the same for one year.
19) Regarding the clauses that are not specifically stated above in connection with the procedure of election and wherever clarification is required, the clauses and procedures of the Peoples Representation Act 1961 shall apply. (Refer by-laws for necessary guidance).


  1. Disciplinary proceedings can be initiated against a member either on the written complaint of a member / members or suo motto by the Executive Committee.
  2. No member shall ordinarily be suspended or expelled from the Club unless  
    1. Seven days notice in writing along with a copy of the complaint or charges as the case may be is given to the member concerned calling for his/her explanation. The said notice may be served either in person or by registered post in his/her available address or by exhibiting in the notice board.
    2. Reply for the notice shall be considered by the Executive Committee within 7 days of the expiry of the notice. If no reply is received within the time limit, the Executive Committee may proceed with the action presuming that he/she has no explanation to offer and punishment could be decided based on the available records and evidences.
  3. If the Executive Committee is satisfied that there is a prima facie case for action, it can immediately suspend a member and the delinquent person shall not be entitled to attend the Club meetings or enjoy the amenities of the Club. The matter shall be placed before the next General Body meeting for final decision.
  4. If the Executive Committee is of the opinion that a warning will suffice in the first instance of a minor offence, the member may be censured and the fact intimated to him in writing.
  5. If the Executive Committee is of the opinion that suspension of the member will meet the ends of justice, he/she may be suspended for a period not exceeding 6 (six) months and the decision may be communicated to the person and the matter shall be placed before the next General Body meeting.
  6. When a member is a habitual offender and is found unfit to continue as a member, the Executive Committee may decide to give him/her a choice to resign. If he/she is unwilling to do so, due process of enquiry shall be adopted to expel him/her from the Club.  
  7. If the Executive Committee feels that the offence is of a serious nature, proper domestic enquiry may be caused to be conducted. Such an enquiry shall be completed within 3 (three) months with or without the co-operation of the member concerned and the decision of the Executive Committee,  if it is for expulsion of the member, shall be placed before the General Body for its final decision.  
  8. Other procedural matters may be decided by the Executive Committee as and when found necessary.

Thiruvananthapuram,                                                                                                                Dr. K.S. Shinu,
09-03-2009.                                                                                                                                   Secretary.