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The Thiruvananthapuram Sree Narayana Club is the culmination of the collective aspirations of some distinguished individuals, both officials and non officials, from the different strata of the society living in and around the capital city, which is the nerve centre of the Government. Special mention has to be made about Sarvasri. K.R. Rajan IAS, K.R. Narayanan, Nedumkunnam Gopalakrishnan and K. Purushothaman who took the initiative to organize the Club and mould it into a strong body.

The Thiruvananthapuram Sree Narayana Club, which took shape in 1987, had Sri. K.R. Rajan IAS as its founder President and Sri. Nedumkunnam Gopalakrishnan as its founder Secretary. Sarvasri. K.R. Narayanan, C.K. Karunakaran IFS and Sri. K. Purushothaman were the Vice Presidents and Sr. K. Krishnankutty (Keerthi) was the Treasurer. Sri. K.R. Rajan IAS was serving as the Ernakulam District Collector during the formative years and hence Sri. K.R. Narayanan was mostly discharging the duties of the President. The first Executive Committee was instrumental in knitting the Club into a strong unit. An anthology by name ‘Sree Narayana Guru', written by Sri. P.K. Balakrishnan, was brought out under the auspices of the Club. It was decided to publish a souvenir for fund mobilization and to collect advertisements. Dinner meetings became family get-togethers, where members met and friendship built up. Picnics were organized to Thekkady, Madurai , Palani, Rameswaram and Kodaikkanal, which were memorable events that helped to bring closer the members of the Club and their families.

The thought that something concrete has to be done for the benefit of the society at large beyond the boundaries of the Club resulted in the formation of the Sree Narayana Charitable Trust by the members of the Club. The Trust was registered with Sarvasri. K.R. Narayanan, Nedumkunam Gopalakrishnan, K. Purushothaman, N. Velayudhan and KC. Gopalan as settlers and 36 members of the Club as trustees (total 41 trustees). It is with deep gratitude that we remember Sarvasri. K. Vamadevan (Hotel Devas), N. Natarajan (ISRO) and P. Sadasivan Contracor, who are no more with us, but contributed their might in the early days of the Club and the Trust. The Sree Narayana Charitable Trust now owns a sprawling campus of 15 acres of land and numerous buildings at Gurudevapuram, Chenkottukonam and runs the Sree Narayana Public School .

A new team of office bearers with Prof. M. Sarangadharan as President and Dr. P. Indrasenan as Secretary assumed charge in 1992. It was this committee that got the Club registered under the Charitable Societies Act ( Reg. No.651/92).

In 1993, Dr. K. Saratchandran took over as President. The Secretary of this committee was Dr. M. Sarangadharan. The same committee continued for 1994 also. During this period the souvenir proposed to be published earlier was brought out. This committee initiated preliminary steps to organize a confederation of various Sree Narayana Clubs that functioned in different parts of Kerala. To reduce the expenditure of the monthly get-togethers, the Club began to prepare dinner by its own. The committee organized Sree Narayana Youth Club with the children of the Parent Club as its members. Agreement was made on a reciprocal basis to co-opt the President and Secretary of the Club into the Executive Committee of the Sree Narayana Charitable Trust and vice versa. It was also decided that only those who become members of the Trust need be admitted as members of the Club. During the tenure of this committee, Rs. 10,000/- was remitted to the Trust for institutional membership. It is noteworthy that picnics of family members was conducted to Courtallam, Palaruvi, Thiruchendur, Gokarnam, Uduppi, Mookambika, Thiruppathy and Thirumala.

In 1995, a new committee with Dr. K. Saratchandran as President and Sri. P.P. Chellappan as Secretary assumed charge. This committee was able to publish, for the first time, a directory of Club members with photos. Our representatives actively participated in the joint meeting of Sree Narayana Clubs held at Cochin . Sojourns of families taken out to Marayur, Idukki Dam, Ponmudi, Palode Botanical Gardens , Kuttanad and Munnar left indelible impressions in the minds of the participants. During this period, Sree Narayana Charitable Trust expanded its activities. The Club assisted some of its members to acquire farm lands in Tamil Nadu

A new management came into office in 1996 with Sri. Karakulam Ramesan as President and Sri. R. Thankappan as Secretary. During this period, a loan of Rupees one lakh was given to the Sree Narayana Charitable Trust from the funds of the Club. Tours to Palaruvi, Courtallam and Parambikkulam were memorable events of the time with delightful sight seeing and visits to Teak Plantations.

Next year (1997) the mantle of leadership fell on the shoulders of Sri. M. Sivadas (President) and Sri. P. Rajendra Babu (Secretary). Membership of the Club rose to 156 during their tenure. Some of the noteworthy activities in this year were the medical camp for tribals held at Arippa forest, blood grouping, mass feast with tribal and medical camp at Perumathura. The Club was able to publish a reference book titled ‘Viswa Guru'. The sub committee headed by Dr. S. Mohan Das deserves special mention for bringing out this publication. The proposed Confederation of Sree Narayana Clubs came into being at this time and the Club President Sri. M. Sivadas became its Vice President. Sri. P. Rajendra Babu, Dr. K. Saratchandran and Sri. K.R. Narayanan were included in its Central Committee as members.

In 1998, a new managing committee was elected with Sri. R. Thankappan as President and Sri. Dasan Kulathoor as Secretary. Amendments were made to the byelaws of the Club as advised by the Income Tax Department. The committee was able to get, on a regular basis, the Rajadhani Auditorium owned by Sri. Ramesan Contractor free of rent for conducting the monthly meetings of the Club. The picnic to Rameswaram conducted during this period was enjoyed by one and all who participated.

For the next two years (1999 & 2000), the leadership of the Club was in the able hands of Er. M. Radhakrishnan (President) and Er. K. Gopalakrishnan (Secretary). The Onam celebrations held at Aruvikkara under the auspices of the Club will never be forgotten. Especially noteworthy and novel were the ‘Athappokkalam' put up by the Youth Club, competitions for members and family and the lovely performance of dance and music. Programme held at Peppara to welcome the new millennium was remarkable by its variety. Such occasions were used to enliven and strengthen the Youth Club and bring out and exhibit the talents of its young members. Picnics were conducted to more centres such as Thripparappu, Thirunandi Cave Temple , Maruthuamala, Vattakkottu, Mandakkad, Thirupathi and Thirumala. Members enjoyed these trips and their affinity and friendship were strengthened. This committee succeeded in identifying a plot at Kumarapuram to construct the HQ building of the Club. Advance was given for the plot of 8 cents and agreement was executed.

Er. R. Krishnan and Dr. P. Indrasenan took over as President and Secretary respectively for the year 2001.

(matter to be added)

Er. K. Gopalakrishnan (President) and Er. N. Manilal (Secretary) were elected to lead the Club for the year 2003-04. Picnics to Thenmala, Palaruvi, Coorg and Aruvippuram were organized during the year. Plans for our HQ building were got approved from the Corporation and electricity connection was obtained from KSEB. A tube well was dug and the construction of the HQ building was started by this committee.

Er. K. Gopalakrishnan and Er. N. Manilal continued in office for the year 2004-05 also. Pleasure trips were organized to Thripparappu, Maruthuamala, Kanyaumari, Madurai , Kodaikkanal and Rameswaram. When the concreting of columns and roof slab of the HQ building was completed, the property adjacent to our plot was purchased by M/S. Skyline Builders. They evinced keen interest in buying our plot also. Subsequently, with the permission of the General Body, our plot with the partially completed building was sold to M/S Skyline Builders. A public address system was procured for the use of the Club. A mutual benefit scheme was started under the initiative of the Treasurer Sri. N.K. Kanakarajan, which has been running successfully since then.

A new team of office bearers with Er. K. Jyothis as President and Dr. K.S. Shinu as Secretary was installed into office for 2005-06. A plot measuring 48.75 cents situated near Hindustan Latex, Akkulam was purchased to house the HQ of the Club. Plans and architectural drawings were prepared and the same were approved by the General Body. Tours to Athirappally-Vazhachal, Kovalam, Mysore , Ashtamudi Lake , Vembayam Happy Land and Ootty were conducted during the year.

For the next year (2006-07), Dr. K.S. Shinu continued as Secretary while the Presidentship changed hands to Dr. M. Joshi. Plans for the HQ building were got approved from the Corporation. Tests were conducted to ascertain the strength of the soil strata to decide about the type of foundation. Several prominent persons offered their financial aid for the construction of the HQ building. The Club came to an agreement with Lions Clubs International to start an E-Learning Centre for the Disabled with their financial aid. Picnics to Munnar, Thekkady, Mookambika, Mangalapuram, Ashtamudi Lake and Vagamon were organized, which were enjoyed by one and all. A personality development programme for children was also conducted during the year.


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